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Школа Музыки
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Here are some of our off campus links

HTML instruction.
JavaScript instruction.
VRML instruction.
XML and culinary instruction.


We would like to extend our praise to MIT for their
bold inititive of presenting course material online
and without charge. They are now offering several courses online.
There is no accreditation, but then, who need credits
when they have knowledge?

MIT OpenCourseWare Home

Associates of Trillium University Webmaster Services
E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke & DJ Karaoke Entertainer.
IryStyle Software and Design Firm.

Your patience is requested while we at Trillium Universty begin our russian language translations using machine translators. If you can assist in translating to any language, please feel free to contact Trillium Universty to offer your volunteer services.
Thank you.

F. Davies

Ваше терпение требуется, в то время как Trillium Universty начинает наши переводы русского языка, использующие переводчиков машины(механизма). Если Вы можете помогать в переводе к любому языку, пожалуйста не стесняйтесь входить в контакт С Trillium Университет, чтобы предложить ваши услуги добровольца.

F. Davies

The Trillium University Mascot...

It is an animal in the phylum Mollusca, and a member of the class Gastropoda, and subclass Opisthobranchia, of the order Nudibranchia, and suborder Aeolidacea, known as the San Juan Aeolid. Actual size up to 6 mm. I once observed one while SCUBA diving in Hood Canal, fixed upon the end of a piece of sea grass waving its upward gills about in the current. I paused to wonder how such a thing, defenseless, brightly colored, fragile, could exist in these cold, hungry waters, then unwittingly killed it by cupping my hands about it in trying to bring it ashore to share my astonishment with others. I hope making it the school mascott is in some way tribute enough to make up for this incident. Then again, how much tribute can a dead sea slug expect?

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The Herbs Project

Multirelational herbal database program.

TU CookBook

Learn about XML XSL DTD PHP and more.

Design for Manufacturing: A Structured Aproach

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