Alfieri Guitars
Allen Guitars

Anderson, Brady
Bischoff, Gordy
Bruné, R.E.
Chelf, Kevin
Caldersmith, Graham
Cassotta, Dave
Davies, F.
Doolin, Mike
Dunn, Michael
Ford, Frank
Gilbert, John
Larrivee, Jean
Lyng, Gerry
North, James
Redgate, Jim
Smith, Lawrence
Strunk, Dallas
Montero, Antonio Marin
Desde el Escritorio de Randy Osborne

Luthiers Supply Sites

Luthiers Merchantile International
Northern Tonewood Company
Harvesters & Suppliers of the finest quality instrument woods.

They supply: Flamed Maple, Quilted Maple, Birds Eye Maple, Flamed Poplar, Qulited Poplar, Red Alder, Adirondack (Red) Spruce, North Eastern White Spruce, Black Spruce, Alpine Fir, Sitka Spruce, Engelman Spruce, Western Red Cedar.

Stewart Macdonalds Guitar Shop Supply

Lists of Luthiers

Consorzio Liutai ed Archettai Cremona
American Institute of Instrument Makers
American Open Directory
American Institute of Instrument Makers

Luthier Organizations

Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans' (ASIA)
Guild of American Luthiers
Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Luthier Schools and Instruction

University of the Pacific School of Education by Carla Piper

Famous Guitarmaker Internet World Headquarters
Lars Kirmser's Music Trader - Technical Education
Schools & Lutherie Instruction Revised: Spring 1999 (Cyndy Burton's List
Huvard, Anthony (links to apprenticeships)
Hock, Ron (Blades and sharpening.) (Finishing information)
(FAQ on solidbody guitars)

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