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Trillium University was founded in the spring of 1999,
by F. Davies, and is dedicated to bringing free education to the world community.

We welcome new instructors teachers and educators to create their online educational materials, and lessons in conjunction with Trillium University. No tuition is charged, and all staff members work on a volunteer basis. We seek the assistance of those who have knowledge, reminding all of our social responsibilities to pass on this knowledge to the next generation.

Manuscript archiving is a goal of Trillium University. We hope to provide instructional and documentational materials on subjects from the arts and sciences. We believe these compliment with each other. The quest for understanding(science)...
...leading to the creation of new tools(art)... ...whose use begs new questions.

No accreditation is given as yet, and students are expected to learn simply for the sake of learning, or to satisfy a need or curiosity. In the future, this policy is expected to change, but at present students are not required to register before using any or all of the Trillium University resources (...no hacking please? Unless you want to help, and then we will be glad to post your tutorials on computer science. ;)

Should a more accountable program be needed by a student, we will make provision (when feasible) to track the individual students progress, posting an achievement and grade analysis online. It is our intention to function as database resource in the future and provide to our students the ability to refer others to a page which will document their standings.

We thank the many free servers who are participating by offering free web space, as this would be impossible to create without them. Our educators are encouraged to establish a site specifically for their lessons, and link with the main Trillium University in a seamless manner. We discourage th removal of any page, preferring to see it's content updated, or a link to the replacement page in its place.

Even more thanks to those planning to help, or who are busy now, making Trillium University a quality institution of learning.

We hope you enjoy your experience here, and hope more that you will become involved.

Thank you, sincerely, F. Davies (Founder)

If you are able to help, or would like the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, or are seeking to learn a subject not currently offered, write to me at:

F. Davies
7602 A-1 Henderson Blvd.
Olympia, WA 98501 

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